CLE Canine of the Week

Breed: I really wish I knew! I think she’s got some Miniature
Pinscher, German Shepherd, Blue Heeler, and
maybe even a teensy bit of  Chihuahua in her, but even the
vet isn’t quite sure what she is.
Gender: Female
Age: 5.5
Hometown: Lakewood
Hobbies: Staring at you so quietly and intently while you’re
eating that it’s borderline creepy, playing tug-of-war (she’ll play
for hours if you let her) and playing fetch – this crazy girl can catch
the ball in mid-air like no other!

Want your dog to be a CLE Canine of the Week? Email me at with photos, full name, hometown, breed, gender, hobbies and anything else we should know about your dog!

Author: dogsinthecle

The source for what to do with your dog in Cleveland.

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