Cold Weather Dog Activities

There are a lot of reasons I don’t like winter – the cold, the dark, the snow – but one of the top reasons is that it really limits what you can do.  When the weather is nice and it doesn’t get dark at 6, my dog and I pack a lot in – park visits, patio visits, visiting friends and hanging out outside, long walks.  But once November hits, we’re stuck inside.

Since my dog doesn’t really understand that the cold means we can’t do all of these things, he gets a little bored. I’ve been trying to come up with some indoor activities to keep my dog busy during these long winter months.  Here are my suggestions for cold weather activities if you have a social and active dog like mine:


Now is the perfect time to work on that one thing you can never get your dog to do. Depending on how much help you need, you can work on this at home or sign up for a class with a local trainer. Working on behavior or tricks at home is a great way to keep your dog engaged and busy. Set aside 20 minutes, get some special treats and get your dog to finally roll over.


What? It’s just a little snow.
Pet Store Visits

My dog and I make our rounds of different pet stores during the cold months. My dog is very social and needs to get out and get attention from others, at least that is what he tells me by the intense stare he gives me when he hasn’t had enough activity. Hitting up a pet store and picking out a toy or treat is a great way to get your dog out of house and give him some excitement.


The Stare

This is one that I am still trying out with my dog, because he is typically not a big fan of toys or games. One fun activity you can play at home with your dog is Hide and Seek. Get one person to stay with your dog (or just use a stay command to get your dog to stay) while you leave the room to go hide. Bring some treats with you and yell a command for your dog to come find you. This can also be done by just hiding treats around the house for your dog to find. Dogster posted some other good indoor games here.

What do you do to keep your dog busy during the winter?

Author: dogsinthecle

The source for what to do with your dog in Cleveland.

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