We Love Shelter Dogs!

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and to celebrate I’ve been sharing shelter dogs all month on the blog. To close out the month I asked for your shelter dog stories. I love hearing stories about how people adopted their dogs. It doesn’t always start out easy and the dogs aren’t always perfect, but it’s clear from these stories how much it is worth it.

Here are some of the stories you shared with me about your shelter/rescue dogs. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories!


bruna1We adopted her from Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in July of 2013. I grew up with dogs and as a single person I had a feisty pug for 13 years (her whole life). After getting married, my husband wasn’t too keen on a dog. His family had a hunting terrier that much preferred the great outdoors to the comforts of indoor living. Well, it only took eight years and one home break-in, before my husband finally said okay. For him a dog would be security, protection for the house. But I knew better.

So the first Saturday of my two week vacation, we headed to CCAS to look for the young shepherd mix I saw online. In the last cage, in the last row, I saw her. Looking back, I’m not even sure if it was the same dog I saw online, but I knew in THIS instant that THIS dog in THIS cage belonged with us. She had no name. We knew nothing of her past – for which I am now grateful. She had been carried in on a stretcher because she wouldn’t walk. She would drop to her belly, immobile, in fear. The officer was able to get her into the visitation room – half coaxing, half pushing. I sat on the floor and she belly wiggled over to me. After 40 mins of petting and talking, she was up walking around. I already knew, she was ours. My husband wasn’t so sure, he just stared in horror at all he dog hair on the floor. We adopted her that day and picked her up Monday after her spay surgery. I said one little prayer all weekend “please let her walk out on her own and get in the car.” I figured once we got her home, we could figure everything else out. Monday we arrived, nervous and hopeful. And guess who walked right out the doors on her new leash? I’d like to say she knew she was going home but I think the effects of the sedation played a big part. But who cares? It worked and we got her home!

We named her Bruna – German name meaning the girl with the dark hair. It took a little while for her to feel safe and to figure out stairs. More time to trust men and getting in the car. But oh, you should see her now! “Walk” is her favorite word and she is so good on the leash. She loves playing with other dogs and kids. My husband showed her the joys of human treats (only little bites after a “high five”) and sings made up songs to her. She loves sticking her head in all the grocery bags and flops for a good belly rub. But the thing she does the VERY best is – she turned our house into a home! And my husband barely even notices the dog hair.  – Maura S.







This is Rocco and Jr from Rescue Village! They’ve made my day everyday! I’ll always adopt – Lindsay K








This is Romeo from Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. He was a little 4-pound fluff ball who got tired trying to climb over my shoe and has been my best buddy ever since. – Angela S.






Our baby girl, Sadie, was rescued from the APL at eight weeks old. She has been bringing joy to my boyfriend’s life for the past 14 years, (and mine for the past 5). – Tracy L.






pic1Officer Piccadilly (Left) – adopted from AMPS in Columbus – who found him at the Franklin County pound after being a hood rat/street dog for a year-ish
and Duchess Noodle Shoes – current foster and adoptable from Muttley Crüe – pulled from Cleveland Animal Control after a year or so of being used to breed beauties like herself. – Susie I.




This is my foster, Roscoe. Roscoe was rescued from Kentucky by Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue after his mom died. He was left behind with about 30 other dogs, many of whom went to COPR or other rescue groups. Roscoe was one of the last taken from the property and they think that the man who was taking care of the house was abusing the dogs. Roscoe is very shy and frightened, but has come around so much over the last two months. He loves to be petted and will put his paw on me until I pet him (see photo above).

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