The 2nd Annual Dog Lover’s Gift Guide

It’s one of my favorite posts of the year – the Dog Lover’s Gift Guide! I love finding fun dog-themed gifts and thanks to sites like Etsy, there are so many cool (not cheesy) gifts you can get the dog lovers in your life.

This year I decided to add in some gifts for the guy dog lover too, since I realize a lot of my choices are more on the feminine side and I don’t want to leave out the guy dog lovers out there!  I know personally, I want everything on this list, even most of the guy stuff (hint hint, friends and family!).

Without further ado, here’s what to buy the dogs lovers in your life. For more gift ideas, visit:

For the girl dog lover:


gift guide

1. I Heart Dog Necklace:

2. Animal Tea Towels:

3. Dog Laundry Room Décor:

4. Wake Up Hug Dog T-shirt:

5. Find Momo:

6. Puppy Mug Hug:

7. Leash Holder:


For the guy dog lover: 


1. Yuengling Beer Poster:

2. PetCube:

3. Personalized Boxer Dog Beer Mug:

4. Pack of Dogs Playing Cards:

5. Ale Dog Coasters:,default,pd.html?cgid=coasters#start=1

6. Custom Dog Tshirt:

7. GPS Pet Tracker:

Stay tuned for next week’s Dog Gift Guide for what to buy your dog!

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