Cleveland Indoor Dog Activities This Fall and Winter

It’s that time of year again. Stuck inside with a dog who doesn’t understand that it’s too cold and dark to take him to the park. It would be nice if your dog just wanted to stay in and hibernate during the colder months, but if your dog is anything like mine, it’s pretty much the opposite.

I’ve been researching more indoor things to do with my dog this year, especially because now I get home from work later and it’s too dark for us to get out to parks as much as we used to. In addition to stocking up on new toys (thanks to all my Facebook followers for your toy suggestions by the way, I’ll be updating you on my reviews soon!) I’ve found a few new ideas of things that Hunter (and my foster Roscoe) are going to do this fall/winter.

1. Thank Dog NEO Bootcamp – This isn’t just a summer time thing. Thank Dog Bootcamp goes all year long, it just moves indoors during the colder months. Hunter and I are big fans of this bootcamp, so much that I will even make the trek to the east side (on non-snowy days) to get some exercise with my dog.

Classes are held Mondays and Thursdays as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings. Check out for times and locations.

Ready for bootcamp at the Beachwood Community Center. Photo courtesy of Thank Dog NEO


2. Fun & Games, All About Dogs – This class starts this weekend, Nov. 16 and goes for a month. It’s designed to help you and your dog practice basic obedience skills and manners while playing some fun games.  Some of the games played will be ‘Fido says’, musical hula hoops, spoon race and an introduction to Rally-Obedience. Call 440-708-1364 or email to register.

Other training facilities offer similar classes. Hunter and I did one with North Coast Dogs last fall that was a lot of fun. Check with your local training facility to see what classes they are offering this winter that might be a fun activity for your dog.

3. Doggie Daycamp –The Cleveland area doesn’t have an indoor dog park, so the closest you can get is a daycare facility with a large indoor play area. I have mixed feelings about doggie daycare. Hunter and I tried it a couple times over the summer and I didn’t think it was really worth it (the webcam showed him sitting there all day, no interaction with other dogs, which is strange for him). But it just occurred to me that dropping him off for a few hours on weekends or during the week could be a great way to get work off some energy on days it’s too cold to get him outside for activity. I think it might be worth a shot again this winter when he’s bored.

There are a lot of options for doggie daycamp throughout Cleveland. Hunter went to Inn the Doghouse in Lakewood. Camp Bow Wow, The Barkley and Metrobark are other good options.

4. Small Dog Play – Grateful Dog Bakery – Unfortunately as the name implies, this activity is only an options for small dogs. Grateful Dog Bakery in North Ridgeville has a small room next to its store where dogs (25 lbs and under) can burn off some energy running around and playing together. Contact Grateful Dog at 440-353-1990 for dates and to sign your dog up.

Any other fun indoor activities Hunter and I should know about? Let me know in the comments!

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