Cleveland Dogs Love Winter

I think the only thing getting me through the winter at this point are snuggles from Roscoe. It’s especially exciting because Roscoe gives affection so relucantly, and usually from a distance. So even though I know he is using me for the warmth, it still makes me happy when he scoots on over to me for snuggles. His snuggles and watching Hunter play in the snow are the only thing keeping me from jumping in my car and just driving until it’s warm.

Even if we are all over the winter at this point, it seems that Cleveland dogs know how to make the best of the season. I asked you all to share with me some of your favorite photos of your dogs enjoying the snow (or in some cases, enjoying avoiding the snow) and got some great photos. Since I think we all need a reminder right about now, here are Cleveland dogs teaching us that winter can be fun.

It’s exactly a month until spring – yay!!

For Hunter’s (aka the world’s greatest snow lover) perspective on the snow, check out his blog: “In Defense of Snow” at

It’s probably unnecessary for me to say, but please keep an eye on dogs outside, and when temps hit these crazy lows, keep them inside where it’s warm!