CLE Canines of the Week

Who doesn’t love to share pictures of their dog? I know I do, a little excessively some would say. But I also love looking at pictures of other people’s dogs, hence the  slideshow of local dogs on the main page.

Want to know how your dog can be featured there? It’s simple – send a photo to along with a bio, including full name, age, breed, gender, city and hobbies. Every week a dog from here will be spotlighted as the CLE Canine of the Week. Just like Buford, our 1st ever CLE Canine of the Week!


Full Name: Colonel Buford Bixenstine
Breed: Tri-Color Basset Hound
Gender: Male

Age: 7.5
Hobbies: Being a rescue dog, hounding anyone with food, demanding to be addressed by his full military title, taking majestic skyline-backdrop photos

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