25 Years of Making Model Dog Citizens

Is your dog a good canine citizen? No, I’m not referring to his voting record or recycling practices, but has he taken the Canine Good Citizen test and passed?

This year marks 25 years of the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen program. The two part training program encourages responsible pet ownership by teaching dogs good manners. Dogs go through the Canine Good Citizen training program to learn skills such as loose leash walking, responding calmly to distractions as well fading the use of treats and toys as rewards. After the training they take a test where they must pass all ten items in order to be awarded the title of Canine Good Citizen.

Read more about the program here: https://www.akc.org/events/cgc/program.cfm Original

Hunter took the test last summer, and sadly, did not pass. He only got passing marks on eight of the ten items. I still think he’s a good canine citizen, but we have some work to do before the rest of the world recognizes him as one. I plan to try again next year. My biggest issue with Hunter is getting him to focus and not be so distracted by what’s going on around him.

What training issues do you have with your dog? I’m starting a monthly Q&A with a local trainer on the blog so send me any questions/issues with your dog you’d like some help with. Email me at dogsinthecle@gmail.com.