Awkward Family Pet Photos

Sometimes when you’re a crazy dog lady like myself, you have to check in with friends and family to make sure you’re not crossing over into new levels of crazy. This past weekend I teetered on (went over?) the edge of full blown crazy as I had a friend take photos of Hunter and me for the site. Although I am comfortable being a crazy dog lady, I sometimes feel weird publicizing it. It’s one thing to take a lot of pictures of your dog, but it’s a different kind of dog crazy to take posed photos of yourself with your dog. No judgment from me if this is your thing, I mean I have a whole web site about things to do with your dog, so ….

I was talking to my sister about it and she said as long as we didn’t cross over into the “Awkward Family Pet Photos” ( territory, I was probably ok. Have you seen these photos? They are pretty great.

awkward awkward3 awkward4 awk



What do you think – do you have any awkward family pet photos of you and your dog? I want to see! And if you want to see my photo with Hunter, check out the About page!




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