About Dogs in the CLE

Cleveland is a very dog friendly place, but not everyone seems to know it. We haven’t quite broke onto the lists for dog-friendliest cities, but we’re getting close! This site is my way to bring attention to all that the CLE has to offer for dog lovers, from events and activities to dog friendly places and local businesses.


And since being a truly dog friendly city means caring about all members of the dog community, I also post from time to time about rescue organizations and adoptable and needy dogs.

Other members of the Dogs in the CLE team: Hunter, a very social Pomeranian and Roscoe, a shy long-haired Chihuahua mix. I take a lot of pictures of them (which you can see on Instagram at Dogs in the CLE) and like to talk about them a lot, so expect to see them here frequently as well.
Want to suggest a dog-friendly place, something fun you’ve done with your dog or have questions about any of the places mentioned here? Email me, Ann McDonald, at contact@dogsinthecle.com or follow me at:

Photos of Hunter and Roscoe courtesy of Brittany Graham, Boots & Bee Photography.

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