One for the Bucket List: A Dog Wedding

So what did you do this past weekend? Me? I saw some dogs get married, no biggie.


It was a beautiful ceremony, although there was a minor scare as the groom got cold feet and attempted to run off when the rings came out.

dog wedding
“Wait, I’m not sure about this..”

Luckily, the groom came to his senses after his dad talked him down. The rings were exchanged, declaring them dog companions for life.

dog wedding
The Mr. and Mrs.


The wedding was part of Love-A-Stray’s annual Hearts and Paws Valentine’s Party. The event featured dog weddings, kissing booths, professional photos and treats for dogs and humans. There were also rescue dogs from Love-A-Stray and Fido’s Companions. The party raised funds for Love-A-Stray and Fido’s Companions, both all volunteer pet rescue groups in the Avon area. If you didn’t make it out this year, definitely put this on your calendar for next year! It’s a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the dog you love.

Here’s some other photos from the event:

Gift baskets for the raffle


 A dog wedding cake made by Grateful
A dog wedding cake made by Grateful Dog Bakery
dog adoption Cleveland
One of the dogs hoping for a home in time for Valentine’s. Contact Fido’s Companion for more info on this beautiful dog


Hunter didn’t walk away with a wife (I think he’s too young) but he was pretty excited about his new Valentine’s toy that he got from the event. Happy early Valentine’s Day everyone!

Hunter with his Valentine


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